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Serge LAMA

Serge Lama ranks among the most traditionally minded French songwriters. His strong, powerful voice, combined to his very intense and theatrical stage persona, has often earned him comparisons to Jacques Brel. The title of a book he has written speaks for Lama's lyricist orientations: Sentiment, Sexe et Solitude (Feeling, Sex and Solitude). He had some hit singles during the late '60s and '70s, the most famous one being "Je Suis Malade," and had a popularity peak in the '80s with the success of his musical, Napoléon.
Born Serge Chauvier in 1943, Lama was raised in a musical atmosphere, his father having been a lyrical singer. Seing him give up his career to put enough food on the table has been a marking experience for Serge, swearing since then he'd succeed where his father hadn't. Writing a lot, Lama quickly tried to...

Serge LAMA
Photos © Tony Frank
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