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Sapho was born in 1950 to Jewish parents in the predominantly Islamic country of Morocco (Marrakesh, to be exact). When she was 16, her family emigrated to France, although Sapho continued her studies at a boarding school in Switzerland. By 18, she was living on her own in Paris, taking acting lessons, and playing guitar and singing on the streets.
A short time later, a musician friend convinced her to audition for the famed music school, Le Petit Conservatoire de Mireille. Sapho soon abandoned her acting studies in favor of music. A demo tape that was shopped around led to a signing by RCA, who released Le Balayeur du Rex in 1977 to little notice.
After a brief stint as a French journalist in New York, it was back to Paris, then to London to record her second album, Janis, released in 1980. Now fully back into music, ...

Photos © Tony Frank
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