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Hailed as the ‘King of the miniseries’, Richard Chamberlain is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors. He has starred in some iconic and powerful productions including Shogun (1980), The Thornbirds (1983), Wallenberg (1985) and the original screenplay of The Bourne Identity (1988).
Shogun was a nine-hour mini-series based on James Clavell’s best-selling novel which takes place in Japan in 1600. Richard portrayed John Blackthorne, ‘Anjin’ in Japanese which means ‘pilot’, as he was the pilot of a British ship which finds its way through a secret path to Japan, which had only been known to the Jesuits. Richard spent over six months in Japan filming the production with was filmed in epic proportions with breathtaking cinematography and great special effects. Shogun earned Richard a Golden Globe as Best Actor and an Emmy ...

Photos © Tony Frank
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