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Marina CEDRO

Having a visionary and forward-thinking mom can change the course of a life. Marina started going to the opera at the age of 6, playing piano and guitar, and then she spent a lot of time at the General San Martin Theatre in Buenos Aires, a true place of counter-culture and resistance in which she realized the importance of the creative act as a testimony to a political ideal. She is not old enough to raise her fist, but she understands the weight of dictatorship, which disperses the poison of fear, the unsaid and resignation for some. So Marina consciously sings to invent a new world for herself: parallel and free. Undisciplined, rebellious, she first learns to stand up straight while dancing tango. Like all the indomitable young girls of Argentina. But she also sings Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, because po...

Marina CEDRO
Photos © Tony Frank
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