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Maria-Hélène Schneider (27 March 1952 – 3 February 2011), known as Maria Schneider, was a French actress. She starred opposite Marlon Brando in Bernardo Bertolucci's film Last Tango in Paris (1972).
Schneider worked in more than 50 films and television productions between 1969 and 2008, including Last Tango in Paris, Michelangelo Antonioni's The Passenger (1975, opposite Jack Nicholson), René Clément's Wanted: Babysitter (1975), Daniel Schmid's Violanta (1976), Nouchka van Brakel's A Woman Like Eve (1979), Daniel Duval's Memoirs of a French Whore (1979), Jacques Rivette's Merry-Go-Round (1981), Predrag Golubović's Peacetime in Paris (1981), Enki Bilal's Bunker Palace Hôtel (1989), Marco Bellocchio's The Conviction (1991), Mehdi Charef's In the Country of Juliets (1992), Cyril Collard's Savage Nights (1992), Franco Zeff...

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