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Jessica FORDE

Jessica was born in London, Great Britain. Her father is British, her mother French. She has both British and French nationalities. She works as a stills photographer since 2003 taking advantage of her previous experiences as an actress and her passion for photographic techniques. Her first film as an actress, Eric Rohmer's Four adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle, set her sights on the cinema. She has acted in French, Italian and English with over thirty directors, notably Eric Rohmer, Jacques Doillon, Jean-Jacques Beinex, Josiane Balasko, Carlo Mazzacurati, Raul Ruiz, Tsui Hark... And with actors such as Michel Piccoli, Patrick Timsit, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mickey Rourke, Richard Berry, Daniel Auteuil... Jessica has a passion for storytelling in it's various forms. In the passed years she has been especially focusi...

Jessica FORDE
Photos © Tony Frank
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