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Henri Salvador's name is often associated with a great jubilant laugh. No artist knows how to evoke joy of life and cheerfulness better than the author of "Mimie petite souris" or "Zorro est arrivé".
The talent of this great gentleman born in French Guyana in 1917 is not limited to his gifts as an entertainer. Since the 1920s, Henri Salvador has indeed been an incredible all-round artist. He is a virtuoso guitarist, an emeritus jazzman, a friend of Boris Vian, Quincy Jones or Ray Charles, and, for a time, one of the members of Ray Ventura's legendary orchestra. He is also a crooner with a devastating hushed voice, a delicate singer, like this "Chanson douce" which still lulls us today. At the dawn of the year 2000, supported by inspired fans such as Keren Ann and Benjamin Biolay, Henri Salvador came out of retirement a...

Photos © Tony Frank
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