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Francis CABREL

Francis Christian Cabrel (born November 23, 1953 in Agen, Nouvelle-Aquitaine) is a French singer-songwriter-composer and guitarist. He has released a number of albums falling mostly within the realm of folk, with occasional forays into blues or country. Several of his songs, such as "L'Encre de Tes Yeux," "Petite Marie," "Je l'Aime à Mourir", and "La Corrida," have become enduring favorites in French music. Cabrel is considered one the most influential French musical artists of all time.
His first hit song was "Petite Marie", in 1974; since then he has sold 21 million albums. The song was about the woman who soon became his wife, Mariette, to whom he was still married in 2016.
An unauthorized biography was published in 2015. Cabrel, who is one of the most private French singers, attempted to have the book suppressed.


Francis CABREL
Photos © Tony Frank
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