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Dinara Droukarova made her cinematic debut at the age of 12 in It was near sea in 1988, but she was revealed two years later in Vitali Kanevski's feature film, Bouge pas, meurs, resurrecite, which upset the Cannes Film Festival and won the Caméra d'or there in 1990. She met up with the Russian filmmaker again for Une vie indépendante and then the documentary Nous, les enfants du XXe siècle.

In 1998, Dinara Droukarova shot Des monstres et des hommes with another young Soviet director, Aleksei Balabanov, but it was in France that the actress chose to pursue her career. She learns French in 1995 during the shooting of Le Fils de Gascogne, in which she has as partners her elder sisters from the cold Macha Meril and Marina Vlady. Now living in Paris, Dinara Droukarova appeared in 2003 in Pascal Bonitzer's Petites coupures,...

Photos © Tony Frank
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