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Claude Bellegarde was born on July 18, 1927 in Paris.
At the end of World War II, Claude Bellegarde met Lanza del Vasto, a disciple of Gandhi, a writer, cartoonist and animator of a spiritual community. He joins this community where he is initiated into sculpture. In 1951, he became ill and stayed in a sanatorium, then he devoted himself to painting. It was the beginning of his "white period", an expression of this period of meditation, where he used monochrome. In 1953, the Galerie du Haut-Pavé organized his first solo exhibition in Paris.
Recognized as a significant member of the post-war artists' movement in Paris, he joined the avant-garde group "Dessins" in 1954, which emphasized gestural abstraction.
In 1955, he exhibited this white period at the Facchetti Gallery in Paris. Pierre Restany became interested in his...

Photos © Tony Frank
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