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Antonio GADES

Dance legend, Antonio Gades (1936-2004) is an essential reference in the European dance and theater scene of the 20th century.
Dancer, choreographer and intellectual of dance, he sought with his work to restore the essence of each step, of those that have been defined by tradition, by folklore, by the people. His work can be seen as an attempt to study in depth Spanish culture, cultured and popular, and to glorify it by honoring its roots and sources. He was always aware, above all things, that his work was representing the cultural heritage of his people, and that he had to walk with leaden feet to respect its integrity, not to distort it.
His greatest achievement was making flamenco a dramatic art, dramatizing its choreographies, and disdaining that exhibitionist and gratuitously virtuous aspect that sometimes threat...

Antonio GADES
Photos © Tony Frank
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