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Amanda LEAR

Amanda lear was born in Vietnam in 1950 from an English marine officer and an Asian mother. When her parents divorced, Amanda shared her life between her English family and France where her mother had settled.
Already bilingual, she followed classical studies and became polyglot having learnt German, Spanish and Italian. By the age of 18 she started to work for mini skirts designer, Mary Quant. She worked with Quant for several years in England and toured the US with her. She also became Ossie Clark’s top model and a figure of the Swinging London with its iconic places Kings road and Chelsea. Her friends were Georges Harrison’s wife Patty Boyd or model colleagues Penelope Tree and Veruschka and Twiggy. Catherine Harlé, the famous model agency owner invited her to come to Paris and Amanda lived, for a time, Passage Cho...

Amanda LEAR
Photos © Tony Frank
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