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Stéphanie Morato was born on March 22, 1966 in Paris. The young woman, who was passionate about music, had a lot to say but struggled to find the ideal stage name. In the early 80's, she used her first name to release her first single "Funky School". Then Christie took over in 1988 with a medley of Nino Ferrer's hits before handing over to Stéphanie de Malakoff who released two singles that went unnoticed, including "T'en fais 2 fois trop". It was not until the following decade that the artist took off under the name of Nina Morato. In 1993, the singer with the Gavroche look was a huge success with "Maman". A haunting title with daring lyrics carried by a singular voice. It evokes with darkness the dangers of night life and also speaks in filigree of her role as a mother of two daughters, Julia, bor...

Nina Morato à Paris le 1er janvier 1994.
Photos © Tony Frank
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