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Roch grew up in Saint Basile, New Bruswick, Canada, with a younger brother, Marc and a younger sister, Janice. Both his parents were English teachers so Roch grew up bilingual with French and English. After his parents divorce he spent a lot of time with this paternal grandparents. Roch wanted to be a professional hockey player, but an injury during a baseball game forced him to choose another career. Roch studied physiology at Ottawa University with intentions of becoming a medical doctor. He graduated in 1985. However, music was his calling. His tried for years to get a hit, but it wasn't until his friend suggested he sing in French and his appearance on French-Canadian TV did his musical career take off. In 1989, "Helene" (pronounced Helen) was released and it took the French speaking world and several European coun...

Photos © Tony Frank
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