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Michel LEEB

Michel LEEB was born in Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany). He is an actor, humorist and French singer.
It was at his entrance to the college that Michel LEEB discovered a passion for imitations, gags, etc. He will study philosophy at the Sorbonne, a subject he will teach for 2 years at Bourg la Reine. Then he will decide to embark on a career as a comedian.
Michel LEEB is known by the French thanks to his imitations. In the 1980s, Michel Leeb created caricatures of different characters like "Le Chinois" or "Le Suisse" and "l'Africain" and he also imitated personalities like Balladur, Julio Iglesias, etc.
These caricatures and these imitations are worth to him the fame of France which attaches immediately to the rather funny character of Michel LEEB.
He advertises and plays comic roles. In 1984, Michel Leeb mad...

Michel LEEB
Photos © Tony Frank
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