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Michel Galabru (full name Louis Michel Edmond Galabru) is a French film and theater actor. In 2013 he was awarded the French National Order of Merit. Winner of the Cesar Award.
In the creative biography of the actor, more than two hundred and fifty roles in the movie. He began his career at the Comedy France Theater in the 1950s. After a year of work on stage, Galabru received an invitation to play a small role in the film "My Wife, the Cow and Me."
A few years later, Michelle quit the theater and devoted himself entirely to cinema. He was best known for his work in comedy films about the adventures of gendarmes from St. Tropez with the participation of Louis de Funes.
Galabru was born in French Morocco in the fall of 1922. He spent his early years in Safi, where his father worked as an engineer, participating in the c...

Photos © Tony Frank
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