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Linda de Suza

Linda de Suza was born in Beringel, Beja (Alentejo), in Southern Portugal on 22 February 1948. Suza left her native Portugal for France in the 1970s and started to work in minor jobs. In late 70s she managed to record music albums. Her works such as "Tiroli-Torola", "La fille qui pleurait", "Un enfant peut faire le monde", and "L'Etrangère" drew a large audience in France. She topped her success with her performance at Paris Olympia. She sang both in French and Portuguese and was nicknamed "Amália of France" after Amália Rodrigues to whom she paid tribute in her song "Amália". Amália Rodigues, known as "Rainha do Fado"("Queen of Fado") paved the way for Linda de Suza, Dulce Pontes, Mariza and Misia, among other well known Portuguese singers, all with sublime talent. Fado, a traditional nostalgic Portuguese style of mus...

Linda de Suza
Photos © Tony Frank
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