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Born August 9, 1938 in Paris, of French and Italian nationality, he is the father of four daughters and the grandfather of six grandchildren including a boy. He is the son of the painter Pio Santini and Yolande Croci. His maternal grandfather, Pietro Croci, was director of Corriere della Sera. Claude Santini, his younger brother who died in 2009, was President of the National Academy of Pharmacy in 2008 and his other brother Mario Santini, the youngest actor, was also an important dubbing personality.
From the 1960s, he participated in the development of popular theater and decentralization and collaborated, both in public and private theater, with many artists, directors and contemporary authors, in particular: Antoine Bourseiller, Jean Vilar, Roger Planchon, Armand Gatti, Gabriel Garran, Bertolt B...

Pierre Santini le 28 juin 2010.
Photos © Tony Frank
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