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Sound illustrator for the television show 'Dim Dam Dom', Pierre Bachelet began to write the music for documentaries and commercials directed by his friends.

Just Jaeckin, future director of erotic films, is one of his friends and asks him to compose the soundtrack of the film 'Emmanuelle'. The film's success led to the soundtrack being developed: 1,400,000 copies sold for the album and 4,000,000 copies for the single.
Pierre Bachelet found himself in the limelight as a singer with 'L'Atlantique' in 1974. But it was the release of the album 'Elle est d'ailleurs' in 1980 that marked the beginning of a real success and sold over 1.5 million singles. This album also marked the beginning of a long collaboration of almost fifteen years with his friend and lyricist Jean-Pierre Lang. A collaboration as fus...

Pierre Bachelet lors de l'émission "Passeport pour la forme" le 1er juin 1984.
Photos © Tony Frank
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