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Michel Berger ranks among France pop music's most acclaimed and prolific songwriters, even though most of his most successful works have been made famous by other artists, from France Gall to Johnny Hallyday. Co-creator of Starmania, composer of several film scores, involved in humanitarian causes, Berger was a giver. He offered French pop some of his most renowned radio-friendly yet quality tunes, and thankfully won over his shyness to express his warm, exhilarated melodies with his round, soft, and reassuring vocal texture. Two of his most famous singles pay respect to some of his idols: the Jerry Lee Lewis-inspired "Il Jouait du Piano Debout" and the Elton John-inspired "La Groupie du Pianiste." His 1992 heart attack came as a shock to the music business and French people in general.

Berger, bor...

Michel Berger en studio à Paris en 1990.
Photos © Tony Frank
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